Do you really need a real estate agent

When it comes to buying or selling a home, most people wonder whether they should hire a real estate agent. Nowadays there are plenty of resources online, but an agent has something no buyer especially a first-time buyer does, and that is a wealth of experience. Buying a home is a big step, and although it’s certainly possible to buy or sell a house without using a real estate agent, NYC-based real estate expert Haysha Deitsch recommends having someone who will help you understand your options, advocate on your behalf and get you the best deal possible.
An experienced agent will save you both time and money, but even more importantly, it will protect you from the stress and strong emotions can easily confuse your judgment and cause you to make a decision you’ll later regret.
As the CEO of a real estate company, who’s worked with many real estate service professionals over the course of his career, Haysha Deitsch has access to some of the basic benefits of using an agent, which can help you make the decision.

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