Declutter or Even Better, Move Out

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It is important to remove all clutter from the home before showing it to potential buyers because buyers need to be able to picture themselves in the space. This might include removing some furniture to make rooms look bigger, and putting away family photographs and personal items. Vacant Homes usually show much better than occupied homes. It’s hard for potential homebuyers to visualize their furniture and accessories in a property that is loaded with other people’s stuff. The best thing to do is to completely move out and stage the property to sell, suggests Haysha Deitsch. You stand the highest chance of getting a strong offer this way because your property is always accessible for showing and is always ready to be shown. Your house will always look larger with minimal furniture in it as well. Vacant homes seem much larger than occupied homes.

Staging your home for sale can feel like a luxury, but when you’re competing with your neighbors for buyers’ attention, staging your home can help sell your home faster. You’ll get better listing photos and make a better impression at a showing. This is especially true if homes in your neighborhood have similar floor plans and finishes. Great staging can make space seem larger and really show off a home’s best features. Regardless of your house’s size or interior design, it can have this wow effect with the help of home staging.