Refinancing Hotels

Being in the business for more than 20 years Mr. Haysha Deitsch, a real estate developer from New York,¬†founder of Beachwood Acquisitions, talks about the need for refinancing a hotel. He says that this happens in a few situations like: When a newly built hotel wants to refinance its short-term…

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3D-Printed House, Ready In 1 Day

Original Story Apis Kor, a San Francisco-based housing company, took the process of building apartments to a whole new level. In just one day, they finished the entire construction and build a 38 square meter 3D-printed home. They managed to do all of that for the price of US$10,134. Haysha…

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The Commercial End of Real Estate

commercial real estate

Like any other type of investing, real estate investment comes in different flavors. Even though independent investors mostly own residential investments, the biggest real estate investors in the world make their profits on commercial properties. Here Haysha Deitsch recognizes all¬†the pros and cons of investing in commercial properties, and what…

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