Beechwood Acquisitions is one of NYC’s finest Real Estate Development and Acquisitions Companies with an ambitious plan to transform the city’s residential market and create vibrant, sustainable, mixed-use premium development projects.Founded in 2012, by Haysha Deitsch, its various projects in the area range from multi-unit residential communities, to mixed-use premium development projects. With decades of experience in the real estate sector, the company’s management team, led by Haysha Deitsch, carefully oversees every aspect of the development process from land acquisition all the way through development, construction, and marketing, with a strong commitment to quality and value.

Beechwood Acquisitions takes pride in its ability to foresee up-and-coming neighborhoods and to identify development opportunities before the rest of the market catches on. By understanding all facets of development, and utilizing hands-on approach throughout every aspect of the process from beginning to end, this leading real estate company manages to stay ahead of market trends.  Beechwood Acquisitions is in constant pursuit of innovation and strives to develop timeless, savvy, and financially successful buildings that cater to the demands of the ever-changing real estate market.

Over the years, Beechwood Acquisitions has successfully developed and collaborated on innovative real estate projects throughout New York City and Miami, while maintaining a distinguished resume and reputation. The company’s real estate model is based on quality and sustainable development that builds new value across the entire community. By capitalizing on experience and exclusive resources the company ensures successful development finished on time and within budget. Based on demographics, population growth, market fundamentals and customer demand they continue to select markets where they can build high-quality real estate properties renowned for their modern designs and selected prime locations.