3D-Printed House, Ready In 1 Day

Original Story

Apis Kor, a San Francisco-based housing company, took the process of building apartments to a whole new level. In just one day, they finished the entire construction and build a 38 square meter 3D-printed home. They managed to do all of that for the price of US$10,134. Haysha Deitsch, founder, and CEO of Beechwood Acquisitions, an NYC real estate company, believes that building 3D houses could help tackle worldwide housing shortages, in a way we can’t even imagine.

In normal circumstances, building a very small house, not bigger than 400 square feet, takes at least a couple of months, and costs tens of thousands of dollars in materials, plus other expenses. The Apis Cor team saved more than 70% on the usual construction costs, including labor. So, not only did they finish the job much faster, but they also did it for a lower price.