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Haysha Deitsch formed Beechwood Acquisitions, a Real Estate Development and Acquisitions Company in 2012, and used it to capitalize on the unique opportunities in the NY and Miami property markets. His hands-on approach and rigorous attention to detail combined with over 15 years of construction and development experience, provided invaluable expertise in both planning and execution of ground-up and conversion projects. Haysha Deitsch is specialized in residential and mixed-use premium development projects, and has successfully executed over $100,000,000 in real estate transactions.

In order to source potential business opportunities and help implement the company’s overall business strategy, Haysha evaluates and analyzes investment opportunities, and works with project strategies and acquisition teams. He brings strong expertise in residential real estate development and acquisition, and is responsible for broad oversight of the firm’s projects and investment opportunities as well as internal workflow processes and organizational standards. As the founder of one of New York City’s top leading-edge real estate development and investment firms, his role is to establish the vision for the company and take the lead in investor and partner relations, policy and overall operations.

Deeply committed to local community engagement, Haysha participates in structuring the company’s acquisitions and joint venture partnerships, builds relationships with landowners, project partners and community leaders, and manages a growing team of local staff and contractors. He has undertaken an ambitious plan to transform the housing market in NYC, creating vibrant, sustainable, mixed-use development projects. With a competitive advantage in identifying and closing attractive investments both on- and off-market, he has guided the company’s transformation as it has grown. This industry leader has proven experience in many projects bringing them to a profitable conclusion.

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